AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata complaints – AMRI Hospital Kolkata Reviews

Posted By: Frida

AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Calcutta is just making money.  Do not admit any patient here. We lost our patient because of the negligence of hospital staff after 23 days of operation. Whenever we asked the status of the patient from hospital staff they always told that patient is stable but the patient expired after 23 days.

Lot of money has been taken by the hospital but services not provided. The Hospital staff should share all the information in detail about the patient’s condition to us.

Also when we asked them about the reason why patient died they just did not anwer the questions.  If they would say patient was transferred into ICU then they have to say why the patient is transferred.  What was the reason behind?  But they wouldn’t.  AMRI hospital should ban immediately otherwise we are going to loose lot many people’s life. West Bengal Govt. should take action against them.

WWICS – Immigration Fraud Cheating by WWICS – WWICS Sandhu complaints

Posted By: Sanjay

I attended a seminar of WWICS at Sai Auditorium Near C.G.O Complex On 17th NOv’2005. After this wwics people started calling me up more than 5 times a day to join for Immigration and signing an agreement and paying Rs. 30000/- . November 2005, i arranged the money and paid Rs. 30, 000/- . This is the begining of their trap.

After a week wwics people send me a letter mentioning that I have signed the agreement and the second installment of Rs. 20, 000 and USD400  is due immediately, otherwise fine will be charged. Somehow i arrange that and paid to them.

Then they started working on my case and demanded USD350 to pay to an assessment agency. In January 2006, i arranged the money and gave to them along with all certified copies of my certificates & experience certificate .

After all this happened they did not call me. More than 1 year passed. I was regularly calling them and writing mail to them but they were always misguiding me.

One day they called me to tell that my assessment got negative and after that no communication from their side.

My all point is just that if wwics is a genuine immigration company then they must check all the credential and documents before signing the agreement. But wwics is only interested in the money by collecting the fees.

In February 2007, i approached to wwics CP office regional marketing manager Ashok lamba, he assured me to sign for canada or else returning my money. But this is also a part of their trap. Nothing happened.

In July 2008, I visited wwics gk branch office where i met with their branch manager Ajay Pathania, he assured me to refund all my money in a month. But this time also nothing happened. I was fooled every time by wwics people.

My file No is: WWICS-33366.


Please find below the payment details:

1. Receipt for Rs.25, 000/-

2. Receipt for Rs.20, 000/-

3. Copy of draft for USD 400/-: paid to WWICS Subsidiary.

4. Copy of draft for USD 350/-: paid to WWICS Subsidiary.

Other payment approx  – Rs.10,000/-

( Total approx. Rs. 75, 000 have been paid)

One Chq. for Referal Rs.4400/- is expected separately.

Total amount 2years Interest on it shall be claimed.

Out of this the 4th one USD 350/- we may leave as its other AGENCY fee for assessment,