Varun Datta 4NEW (KWATT) Fraud Scam Exposed – Varun Datta 4New Crypto Scam

Varun Datta 4NEW (KWATT) Fraud Scam Exposed  Varun Datta 4New Crypto Scam

It has come to investors attention that 4New (KWATT) has been engaging in fraudulent activity. KWATT is an erc-20 token currently listed on your exchange. The primary reason I am reaching out to you is to have this token removed as a trading pair on your exchange. I do not think your company or organization supports fraud or fraudulent tokens which is why I am request to remove this token from being listed on your exchange. I have also comprised proof of their fraud committed to unsuspecting investors. Not to mention every major news outlet that has featured this fraudulent company such as Yahoo Finance and Forbes have also removed their mentions and features because of the fraud. 4New Limited had raised £34million from investors, who wanted to know what had happened to their money…”

  • The owner is a scammer and has been doing this in the past. (deserves legal action to be taken).
  • 4New has made several claims to have OWNERSHIP of 2 waste to energy plants. These claims go all the way back to their ICO. (there are no power plants) There is no signed agreement to purchase these plants and never has been.
  • They claim to be mining and show great video of the mining farm. (it was completely fake and were using bitfurry, bitfurry didn’t even know 4new existed until investors asked them about it).
  • Company audit shows they have 0 funding necessary to even get a power plant.
  • A continuous state of asking for more time and not delivering on the staking payments. (when personally guaranteed by the owner)
  • Their team claims medical problems when in reality they are in and out of jail.
  • Team is non existent, failed project no progress, built 100% on lies.
  • From their newsletter: they are hoping for btc to reach $4,500 to payout stakeholders.
  • Next newsletter said: we are hoping for april at the latest. (2 years later)
  • If you still need more to make a decision, just pop in their telegram group, they banned everyone that calls them out for the scam or fraud. Its gone on for too long.
  • Unsuspecting buyers are being defrauded on their investment. It is theft. We respect your decision, now that you are aware of the situation your actions will determine whether or not you are conspiring together to defraud or scam investors. You have a really good exchange, I would hate to see it get caught up in any lawsuits that may arise from the 4new scam/fraud.

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  1. Varun Datta is well known for scamming people. Many of them lost money including me Dont Fall in his tricks.

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