MoreVisas Complaints – MoreVisas Fraud and Cheater Company

By: Yusuf

Its a good business plan they have, they promise to give you back UPTO 50% of your money if they are not able to send you to your desired country.

They took 1500 for assessment (which is available for free online) + 40,000 plus taxes from me, couldn’t file the papers for me even when the Nova Scotia Province opened(they didn’t even come know when the Nova Scotia PNP opened), when I asked for a refund they didn’t refund even a single penny, forget about 50% refund. It has been more than a year that they were unable to file my immigration because they do not have the expertise in this matter, when I asked for a refund they said it is my personal choice, to which I said its not a personal choice but Morevisas incompetency. Furthermore, after making me wait for 3 months they sent me a mail telling me all the clauses they have, that makes sure they do not have to refund the money they took. Finally I am sitting where I was with a loss of around 50,000 which was given to morevisas. But please give it a try if you want, as seeing is believing. Good luck!

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