Rajat Khare boundary holding- Cyber attacks and business investment

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Rajat Khare boundary holding- Cyber attacks and business investment

After spearheading cyber attacks through Appin Security and getting exposed for the same, Rajat Khare moved on to Boundary Holding.

Rajat Khare co-owns Boundary Holding with Shweta Khare, his wife.
Shweta Khare is the Managing Partner of Rajat’s Boundary Holding.
This firm primarily sells surveillance drones to the Border Security Force of the Indian government.

Rajat Khare’s handling of cyber attacks for the Indian government must have played a huge role in helping Asteria get contracts from them.

Similarly, DroneFence is a German startup whose software allows its users to control a drone in flight. Apart from Rajat, Viktor Prokopenya and Said Gutseriev are the primary investors of this firm.

Apart from these companies, Rajat is one of the founders of Prophecies Technologies, a financial data company for traders. The co-founder of this company is Rajat’s brother Anuj Khare.

appin, acsg, areputation, abp holdings, wynyard, aci security, boundary holding, abp holding are some companies headed Rajat Khare, Anuj Khare and Vijay Khare.



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