WWICS Dubai Reviews – WWICS Dubai Complaints – Do not fall in WWICS Trap

Posted By: Sohaib

WWICS Dubai Reviews – WWICS Dubai Complaints – Do not fall in WWICS Trap

My case number with WWICS Dubai is [FSN:139506]
I gave them all the documents and the money 3 years back and they promised me to get all done in 6 months to 2 years after that they said we can claim refund.
I asked them to refund several times but they keep directing me to different employees emails and I fail to get any positive response.

What I can do now is to warn others from falling in the trap.
They might send 1  out of 10 successfully but they’ll take money from all 10 and no refund later.

Do not fall in WWICS Trap.

You can see the details of their offices in the following link


WWICS director Davinder Sandhu arrested – WWICS director Davinder Sandhu held in Mohali land case fraud

Posted By: Sonia

WWICS director Davinder Sandhu arrested – WWICS director Davinder Sandhu held in Mohali land case fraud

Chandigarh, India – After former Punjab DGP Sumedh Saini, the Punjab Vigilance Bureau has now arrested WWICS (World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service) director Davinder Sandhu, a co-accused with Saini in the Mohali land fraud case, in two-day custody. The Mohali court has remanded him in two-day police custody.

The Vigilance Bureau has informed that Sandhu along with now retired senior town planner Sagar Bhatia and Deputy director Ashok Sika along with others officials to get an agriculture land converted illegally into residential colonies at Kurali in 2013.

The VB has also arrested STP Sagar Bhatia. He is too remanded in two day police custody.

It has come to light that the state government suffered a loss of around 4 crores as the layout of the two colonies developed by Sandhu’s firm was approved illegally.

It has come to light that the state government suffered a loss of around 4 crores as the layout of the two colonies developed by Sandhu’s firm was approved illegally.

WWICS Mohali complaints – WWICS Mohali cheated me 59000 Rs for RNIP Program – WWICS Mohali Reviews

Posted By: Sayantan Basu

WWICS Mohali Branch Cheated me Rs. 59000 for RNIP Program.

Myself sayantan basu roy from Kolkata,west Bengal.
I have applied for RNIP program with this company. Paid 59,000 rupees already,but they are not responding me properly, not even a mail from them.
I already got cheated with another company, now again the same thing happening with me. When get connected with them, they are giving various excuses and not doing any job in that regards .
Lots of money spend but not getting any positive response from this WWICS company.
Please help.

WWICS Group Ludhiana immigration complaints – Documents missing by wwics Ludhiana – Irresponsible behaviour from wwics staff

Posted By: Nishant

WWICS Group Ludhiana immigration complaints. Irresponsible behaviour from wwics staff

I submitted my case in wwics Ludhiana in Jan 2016 for PR in Canada. So many years have been passed but instead of following up my case seriously & professionally; the staff of WWICS Ludhiana office showed very irresponsible behaviour. They have lost my hard copies of documents. 3 to 4 staff who were handling my case have resigned. Whenever new person come to handle my case they asked again to submit the documents. WWICS Staff don’t keep any backup which is so unprofessional. So much poor service provider. Now i want refund but these people again want me to submit my all the documents.

Since past 4 yr 8 months these people are playing with me. Don’t go to wwics group for immigration services.

WWICS immigration Reviews – WWICS Worst Immigration Consultancy – WWICS immigration is not at all trustworthy

Posted By: Vinay

WWICS group is Worst Immigration Consultancy.

WWICS is not at all trustworthy. They are only involved in money making and least bothered about customer’s problems. WWICS would sound very professional and courteous initially but are not at all supportive to the customer once fees are paid. Especially in tough times like COVID-19, they were totally ignorant to our issues. WWICS group management is a bunch of crooks who only want to steal money our your pocket by hook or by crook but would never respond to your requests. I have my own bad experience and many people have also told me that wwics top the list of worst consultancies.

Please suggest me how to get my refund as I haven’t at all used their services.

WWICS Group complaints – WWICS group Cheating with customers – Never go to wwics group for immigration services

Posted By: Jigisha

WWICS group Cheating with customers. I never recommend wwics group to anyone.

WWICS is cheating with the innocent people who pay huge amount for service but end up being betrayed by these crooks. The team members have no knowledge and don’t even know how to guide the customers.

Stupid and illiterate staff. They take your money and not providing any services.

WWICS Group complaints – WWICS Global law Offices complaints – WWICS complaints

Posted By: Anand Kumar

I have paid 2 lacs rupees to wwics group mohali office for immigration and once they received money from me then they stopped taking calls. When I visited  their office in mohali they said the immigration is not possible. They are big time cheaters..while taking money immigration was possible and after taking money immigration was not possible.

No services provided by wwics group https://www.wwicsgroup.com/ for the money they had taken from me.

WWICS Group complaints – unethical and unprofessional behavior of wwics group – Complaint of Rs. 80000 paid and office closed in a week in pune

Posted By: Nitu Rani

WWICS pune fraud – WWICS group https://www.wwicsgroup.com/ people are big frauds

WWICS is doing unethical business. They cheated me by taking Rs. 80000/- from me as service fees for Canada PR in pune office but to my surprise their office was closed in 1 week without any prior information. Now Head office people are also not cooperating. I come from lower middle class family with high ambition to achieve good in life as we have seen many downs in life.
It was with great difficulty that my family managed to give me the fees amount. These greedy people at WWICS took amount and made fake promises.

Pune office Manager WWICS, Heena Parveen and Baginath Chavan.

One of my friend also paid the same to WWICS and now facing same issue.

Mohali Head office – Poonam Minhas and Farha.

Detailed – 30th November 2019 paid payment and 7th December 2019 office got closed without any information. This is such an unprofessional company.

Please help me.


Posted By: Kartik
I had put up my file for PR for Canada through M/s WWICS in 2013 with consultancy fees of Rs.1,51,000/- .But since file was delayed from their end,it was returned in January 2014 due to caps reached for 500 files.But M/s WWICS had assured me to put the file again in May 2014 when immigration for reopened since it was delayed in 2013 from their end.Again I had submitted my documents and my file was send without mentioning the date in the immigration forms which is compulsory.As a result again my file was returned again in October 2014 due to their mistake.I have also got letter from Canada Immigration mentioning the reason for returning the file where it is clearly mention that since the date is not mention in file the file is returned..Hence I had asked them to pay my complete refund o Rs.1,51,000 since they had not done proper consultancy and even they do not know to mention the date in the forms.But they are refunding only Rs.25,000 as per contract and now after 2 years they agreed to pay Rs.50,000.But I have asked them to fully refund my money of Rs.1,51,000 since the file was returned due to their mistake.I have send many remainders for refund but they are not agreeing to pay.I think this is cheat company.Please held me.
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WWICS Group — Cheating @ WWICS and creating a group

Posted By: Sudhanshu

I enrolled with their services on March 2016 in Pune. In my profile evaluation i got CRS of 391.My FSN 93872.Mrs Renu Chadda Branch manager gave me false commitment that the CRS will come down to 350 so I should go ahead with the. Then the follow up started. Then I paid a total 75000+ST and 1100USD amounting to approx 1, 60, 000. after that she keep on giving false promises and even she asked 468 CAD for WES which is actually 234CAD as I argue with them then the WWICS accepted it.
In the month of September again I was duped with 57500 as PNP and they file my case for PEI where I filled up the form and they just uploaded it. When I am asking for my refund then they are saying since we have uploaded for PEI you are not eligible for refund.

I was totally duped with 2, 20, 000 and now the WWICS guys are asking me for roof of that statement and threatening me that as you have signed the agreement with your own consent you will face legal consequences. However, I along with a lot of people have signed the agreement due to the false commitment of their Branch Manager.

I have created a group for 10-15 people of same fate whose CRS is below 400 since they all have been duped. We will approach to Crime Branch soon. I request everybody in Pune who have been duped by the same false commitment to contact 8446369873 and sudhansunk03gmail.com so that we all will approach at a time and our unity will result in getting our hard earned money back.

Please contact 8446369873 as soon as possible so that you will get your Hard earned money back.