Livspace Reviews – Worst experience with livespace services – Never recommend livspace to anyone

Posted By: Aditya

Livspace Complaints – Worst experience with Livsapce I have had with any service –
Will never recommend Livspace services to anyone.

We have had a kitchen remodelled by Livspace. We also wanted a one stop shop instead of having to chase up with contractors or carpenters independently.
Livspace’s design boutique in Lavelle Road is quite impressive and gave an impression of them being a popular choice among customers given the number of people visiting it.
Livspace takes the payment upfront and is very rigid about their process which means pay before they share anything (even tentative dates) with you. Once we paid for the design, the execution did not start till a month later (delayed from when they said it would). They had promised that the Project Manager will oversee execution and keep track – he was missing for the most part. The workers came in on their own sweet time – very less work was accomplished daily. Their Customer service is pathetic and not responsive. We have had multiple escalations with no response for a month.
Project is delayed by more than 2 weeks (it was already delayed in starting due to Covid) , now they are asking for payment without even bothering to inform on delays.
This is the worst experience I have had with any service. I think going with a single contractor might have been easier.
Will never recommend their services to anyone.

WWICS Group complaints – WWICS Global law Offices complaints – WWICS complaints

Posted By: Anand Kumar

I have paid 2 lacs rupees to wwics group mohali office for immigration and once they received money from me then they stopped taking calls. When I visited  their office in mohali they said the immigration is not possible. They are big time cheaters..while taking money immigration was possible and after taking money immigration was not possible.

No services provided by wwics group for the money they had taken from me.

Livspace Complaints – Not chose Livspace for any small or big work – Livspace advertisements are fake

Posted By: Ankit Patni

Livspace Complaints – Not chose Livspace for any small or big work, don’t get into this trap by looking at good websites, ads, nice picture of their projects because all is fake.

If you think Livspace is the right company for your interiors then I challenge you to think twice. They are not serious about their work, need pushback and follow-ups for every single thing. Always delayed on milestones but very prompt in chasing you for payment (even in the mid-night).

we have given our two flats project to Livspace in the month of 10-Sep-19 my project ID is 401408.

Initially, when we saw their previous projects we were very excited about their designs. When we started designing my house I realized that they don’t have a good design team who can understand my needs and can give results based on my taste. Literally, I have to spend lots of my time to and find designs on my own to keep the project on track and avoid delays.

My project is in mid but still, I have not got the quality 3D renders of my house which I can see before finalizing the design.

To avoid delays I did 50% payment to Livspace so they can start my work for Kitchen & Wardrobes. They assured me that furniture will be ready in 60 days and after getting the remaining 50% payment they will deliver and install the furniture.

Even after 60 days, I need to do multiple follow-ups with Livspace get the furniture. I have done 100% payment now and still, dates are not confirmed by Livspace.

There is no transparency in their processes. Initially, they tell you that you will get a project manager, engineer, escalation manager and a POC but frankly everything is just fake at their end. None of their mobile numbers is updated on their site in “My Account” section and reaching out to them is great pain.

I suggest you to not chose Livspace for any small or big work, don’t get into this trap by looking at good websites, ads, nice picture of their projects because all is fake.
After multiple escalations, they are still not serious. So don’t waste your hard-earned money with the people who are not professionals.

Livspace complaints – Livspace bangalore team complaints – livspace not professional

Posted By: Gurjeet

Livspace complaints – Livspace Bangalore team is not professional.

Livspace took full amount before installation & then became very slow. Its been 7 months & I am still struggling to get our work done fully. Dealing with Livspace team Bangalore .
Garima, our designer who has made lot of mistakes while raising BOQ which caused items to be ordered back from the factory .
Jitesh , Livspace Spoc and Garima’s Manager who has not been able to provide guidance to his team to complete the project on time ..and
Anjo, our project manager who does not know what has been completed and what is pending..
They turned horrible in service after they got payment. Never trust Livspace. Worst company Ever.


Posted By: Aamrali

They claim that they have been running since 10 years and working from last 10 years but in actual they are just 1 year old company. a very small office in modi tower, whereas they claim they have offices in gurgaon and other cities also. complete scam and frauds.

they will give you huge discounts to take money. if you say you dont have much money and they can decrease their costing from 40, 000 rs also and take it in any cost.

My case managers keep on changing with this company, I would not recommend it. they have taken my 80000 and gave me free service for my wife also. what is the benefit of free filing when they will not process at all.

most importantly. they have not got even a single visa it is a biggest fraud company in the world. please do not waste your money with these consultants.


Livspace Reviews – Livspace charged 50% more – Livspace complaints

Posted By: Ankit

Livspace Complaints – Livspace people are a bunch of arrogant, oversmart, money extortioners.

I generally dont write negative reviews for anyone even if they have given me a poor service/product. But Livspaces is a class apart.

The only good part is that they have good designers. And the good part ends there.

Their prices are rubbish.

Each and every thing they charge you is atleast 50% more than the established market rate.

Whats more interesting is that they charge you 8% commission even on such exorbitant pricing.

I will never recommend anyone getting anything done from them.

I will give you certain price pointers, check it in the open market before engaging them and you will know the truth.

1) Tile fixing (livspaces 110 /sft) + 8% commission
2) paiting (livspaces 27 / sft ) + 8% commission
3) Installation of ply (250 /sft) + commission
4) installation (just intallation) of Veneer on door (18000) + commission
5) door laminate (14000) + Commission
5) false ceiling (140/sft) ++

My suggestion, stay away, they are charging you a bomb, will bill you for hidden things.

Once you engage them, you get stuck, you will have to endure them.

I had to remove half the things from their scope which i got it done for half the price.

And here, i am not talking about the delays, non responsiveness and high headedness of the team. Which is an added insult to injury.

Livspace complaints – Pathetic experience with livspace – Do not engage with Livspace

Posted By: Deepika

Livspace complaints – Pathetic experience with livspace – Please don’t engage with Livspace.

Such a pathetic experience. Going through hell after engaging with Livspace. Everything mentioned in the above case is exactly what we are going through. As soon as you make the 50% payment everything starts falling apart. No commitment to quality, timelines and extremely no coordination between the Livspace team (designer, project manager, commercial person) and they keep working in silos. You spend all your time coordinating for them. Escalation matrix just doesn’t have any value. Constant calls and emails all go unanswered. Please don’t engage with them. You will spend far less time giving the turnkey to local independent contractors with far less cost and better quality.

Vantage immigration looting money from poor and innocent – Vantage immigration consultancy complaints

Posted By: Tarun

Myself tarun, i am messaging on behalf of my brother (Rahul). In may 2018 we have received a mail from vantage immigration stating that there is a vacancy for the post of graduate mechanical engineer in hong the mail they have mentioned the total cost including consultation and visa fees as rs 48000. As per there advice we have paid them rs 48000.

After they have received rs 40000; there attitude changed. They assured me that they will provide visa within 4 months and till now nothing positive happened towards us. During embassy interview they provided us with insufficient details and my brother got rejected due to lack of proper documents. Before attending the embassy interview many-a-time we have asked the procedure and formalities for the same. But they where lazy and playing on us in providing details.

Now those people are saying we have to pay 20000. More. When we contact their customer people they are not responding properly. They are playing on us. So it gives a feeling that we are cheated.
If someone can help me to fight them legally, kindly help me. No one else should have to fall in such traps.

Meteors Immigration Complaints – Meteors immigration is Fraud Company

Posted By: Shiva

Meteors Immigration Complaints – Meteors immigration is Fraud Company

I was offered job for Singapore they have charged 18000 INR they have taken interview and after some days they are saying that you have not qualified the interview after that there is no response from the company they are cheater and fraud only they are showing the papers that we are how much genuine so guys don’t go through this immigration consultant.

Karma Ayurveda – Karma Ayurveda Complaints – Karma Ayurveda hospital is looting huge amount of money

Posted By: Mahavir

Karma Ayurveda hospital is a complete fraudulent hospital with no proper medical treatment.

On 5th April 19, i visited them for cure of polycist kidney of my son. After checkup, Dr. Puneet Dhawan simply stated that my son’s 50% is damaged. I questioned then that how is this possible?

The creatinine is 1.6 , So they are looting the patients by charging hefty amount of Rs 50000 approximately the cost of medicine from the patients. Moreover as per advertisement on website polycist kidney gets cured in one month. But doctor in the clinic said relief will be given to patient.

Hence wrong advertisement is being done on website for charging undue fees from the patients. Strict action should be taken against such a fraud doctor to teach him a lesson.