Nationwide Immigration Services – Nationwide immigration fraud services

Posted By: Saket Aggarwal

Nationwide Immigration Services – Nationwide immigration fraud services

Nationwide visa is third class scamming company, When I visited then they promised me that I will get my PR within 8 months. But every information they provided me was wrong. They have shown me a screenshot of PNP with 300 points and told within 8 months I will get my PR by one of the immigration consultant Chetna Goel. As I was in very new to this, so without thinking more, I paid them 65000 rupees on the assurance that I will get complete information and guidance. But I was proved to be wrong when I saw their real face as soon as I made payment my calls were taken and completely answered but after paying the money, they started ignoring me. There was no response in months or follow up. When I Google up, I saw the negative reviews of Nationwide immigration services.

This was enough for me to know that I was cheated like the other candidates who have written the same reviews as me. I decided to take a refund of my money for wrong guidance and service provided to me but they ended up with rude no and they are ready to accept that they have cheated me with wrong info and promises.

I would also like to conclude that they have put more mental pressure on me for the payment of money, the wherein early stage they have not provided me clear information and completely misguided me. I will make a WhatsApp group n plan further action Cheated by Nationwide Immigration. One more thing they lie too as recently I requested to update my Wife’s IELTS score after multiple followups they did not share a screenshot and finally they said it’s done but later I found it was not done finally. So my friends if you are planning for immigration don’t go with Nationwide as the company is fake and only works to eat hard earn money of the clients who are looking forward to moving abroad.


Posted By: Aamrali

They claim that they have been running since 10 years and working from last 10 years but in actual they are just 1 year old company. a very small office in modi tower, whereas they claim they have offices in gurgaon and other cities also. complete scam and frauds.

they will give you huge discounts to take money. if you say you dont have much money and they can decrease their costing from 40, 000 rs also and take it in any cost.

My case managers keep on changing with this company, I would not recommend it. they have taken my 80000 and gave me free service for my wife also. what is the benefit of free filing when they will not process at all.

most importantly. they have not got even a single visa it is a biggest fraud company in the world. please do not waste your money with these consultants.