Digital Mazic fake and fraud company – Digital mazic complaints

Posted By: Ishaan

Digital Mazic is Fake and Fraud company .

Their website is

No one knows how to talk to client , they stop responding and answering call as soon as the payment is done.

So please don’t go to this company for any kind of work.


Digital Mazic Online Solutions Complaints – Digital Mazic Fraud Company – Digital Mazic Immature and illiterate people specially their owner Chetika Sethi

Posted By: S. Tuli

Mrs Chetika Owner of Digital Mazic does not know how to speak to employees as well their clients .

I dont want to give them even one star rating. So called owner Mrs Chetika does not know how to speak to employees as well their clients .

They select the candidates from consultancy but don’t pay anything untill you reach to there office .

They dont respond to you once she get the employee of her choice , they seriously have no dignity .
**Immature & illiterate people.*
She call herself owner of the company but she doesn’t the meaning of contract and terms n conditions , which she signed herself . After discontinue the contact she starts abusing us n blackmail us you that we are from digital marketing we will spoil ur imagine.
I would like to tell everyone dont trust them they are Scammers they only give you false commitments.
Beware of such companies.