Sculpt By Geetaa Paul complaints – Customer reviews – Sculpt by Geetaa Paul Cheated me

Posted By: Megha Mehta

Sculpt By Geetaa Paul complaints – Customer reviews – Sculpt by Geetaa Paul Cheated me

I paid 55000 to this company on 15th sept 2019 – the service was horrible and no result as commited.
Point if contacts – i have spoken to rekha – branch manager, shalakha – slimming expert and deepthi – head of kormangala center in regarding to refunding my money and it been more than 3 months i have not got an update nor they call me.

Initially i took the slimming package but as they were unable to help me with the committed service as constant issues, they offered me beauty service for which again they did not have basic expertise

Below are the challenges i have been facing with them:
1) They don’t respond to calls.
2) They either don’t have the concerned product or don’t give the service offered.
3) when asked for beauty service, they assigned a male service boy for a spa
Package without asking my comfort level.
4) They cancel appointments in last minute
5) For a basic manicure service – they did not have stock available inspite of appointment booked one week in advance
6) They did not call to set up an appointment for almost a month unless the case was escalated
7) They promise top professionals for each service which is a myth as when you go there, person is not available
8) They treat the customer like just a money Making machine. They take all money upfront and do not give the customer Service.
9) Extremely rude team in Kormangala center
10) They waste your time in giving other service and the explanation is – machine is not working, other cx is there, etc

I have visited the branch many times asking for my money.. I feel harassed as i took this service just before getting married and they gave false commitments without result.

This company should be closed for the way they treat their customers. I have lost all patience.

I just needy money to be refunded, am a single earner in the family. Due to covid, marriage was postponed as well, please help in getting my money back.

Linkedin profile of founder –

I tried contacting founder on facebook, however no response

Company profile on linkedin


Sculpt by Geetaa Paul Complaints – Cheated and harassed by “Sculpt by Geetaa Paul” Koramangala, Bengaluru

Posted By: Sadhya

Sculpt by Geetaa Paul Complaints – Cheated and harassed by “Sculpt by Geetaa Paul” Koramangala, Bengaluru

I was charged 1,75,000 Rupees for glutathione treatment, after 2 sessions I found couple of reactions which I discussed with the parlor and the doctor present. Doctor suggested that if I’m facing discomfort, then I should discontinue the sessions . I requested the parlor to get the refund which they denied . They dragged the matter for couple of months making me fool by telling me that they have sent a mail for refund to their company head and waiting for response . Obviously at the end of 2 months, they told me that refund request was denied . When I asked for a copy of the mail they refused. I asked them to loop me in the email chain, they refused. After a lot of pleading and negotiations they forced me to convert the amount left in common parlor services. Disheartened I accepted the offer . They charged me double the amount in services offered . On top of all this , they used to give me appointments at THEIR convenience and behaved with me as I’m a freeloader . They already got my money so they stopped caring about me as a customer . I was made to wait long (can be confirmed by their CCtv’s) , and given services only when most of the customers were done. They charged thrice the amount and behaved really badly … I want strict actions taken against them . They don’t deserve to be in the business. This is not a parlor , it’s a TRAP , a SCAM.