Futurewins complaints – Loose your capital buy tip from futurewins (futurewins.co.in)

Posted By: Shanmugam Anbarasu

I had paid customer of FW, in the month of September 2019, 7 days only target hit 3 days not giving call, otherdays, stoploss triggered, they show September profit is nearly 34200, I face loss only,They are giving fage report only, for any clarification 9283229936

Futurewins complaints – Futurewins Trading Solutions fraud

Posted By: Brijesh

Futurewins. Co. In
This advisory is totally fake

Whatever they shows in there past performance is not actually. I taken service from them but in my last month and till now full loss so please take care of this and keep distance from this company

My contact number is 9680152323

Name is brijesh

Now company has stopped my services they asking for remove this post I have some audio proff that how they were cheating the people

Futurewins Complaints – Futurewins.co.in Extremely bad trading calls

Posted by: Vivek Sinha

Not sure how people are saying good about Futurewins.co.in crude oil trading calls.

I have subscribed to there Crude oil 2 month Service by paying Rs 10, 000 two weeks ago in first week of June’18.

Most of their calls are hitting Stop Loss and not only one but generally both their calls everyday is hitting stop loss.(I am not sure if their previous calls, before my subscription were good.

And all the performance report they are sharing is fake. Like on 26th June’18, they have given Crude oil sell at 4635 with Target of 4605 and SL of 4650. When the call gets activated they send SMS that the call has triggered. Now when crude starts trading at 4645, they will send an sms that the Low was 4629, position closed. And after that Cude has hit SL as well at 4650. Not sure now anybody can trade like this.

On 26th June’18 performance they are showing Profit of 3000 with Buy at 4635(Just reverse of the SMS) I Have reversed.

Also in evening they have give a call to buy Crude at 4679 with 15 point SL and 30 points target. This call also has hit SL.

When I call to discuss they say the performance report is of 3 years package(for which you have to pay 5 Lakhs)

Be careful with such traders. It is extremely difficult not to meet 15 points SL when Crude is one of the most volatile commodity.

Again be careful while trading with futurewins.co.in

Futurewins complaints – Futurewins fake and manipulated performance

Posted By: Rahul Sharma

Dear friends please be aware these people are number one cheaters all there odin performance are fake they are manipulated i am one of the subscribers i dont want to speak any more if any wants the proof the please call me on 8962106597 i will show u how they beautifully cheats you