Imperia Structures Limited complaints – Imperia Structures not paying assured return as committed in mou – cyber business center

Posted By: Vinay

Imperia Structures ltd is a Fraud real estate company. (

Imperia structures limited company failed to meet their commitments and pay the assured return as committed in MOU. Imperia structures company is not replying the queries in this regard and also sending ill minded letters to cheat customers including myself.

Kindly refrain from cheating and pay as committed to the customers in MOU, else refund the whole amount.

Below is the mail that i sent to the Imperia Structures ltd.

(Not issuance of assured return for customer id from Imperia Structures ltd. = imp-it-7534 (Cyber business centre at imperia h2o. Ref : imp – it 7534)

Vinay Chaurasia
Oct 10, 2019, 3:40 pm (7 days ago)
To harpreet, brajinder, info, kamlendra, vipin. Gupta

Dear sirs,

I didn’t receive assured return from (Including) april 2019 onward for my booking in cyber business center in the name of vinay kumar chaurasia customer id = imp-it-7534. I have paid the 3rd and final installment totaling rupees 5400000 on 29th october 2018 and that has been confirmed by imperia structures ltd.

Kindly issue the pending assured return at the soonest)

Vinay kumar chaurasia

Customer id = imp-it-7534

Imperia Structure Limited complaints – Imperia structures company not paying assured return on onyx office space 250 sft booked in december 2015 – Imperia structures fraud company

Posted By: KC Jain
Imperia Structures ltd  is a Fraud real estate company. (
As per agreement of Imperia Structures ltd, 12 pdcs of rs 15313 each to be delivered to us, before April 15th as assured return on capital – buying of 250 sq. ft. office space in onyx project of the imperia company
But despite of many requests and visiting to their office they did not pay anything for 5-6 months. Imperia structures executives are lying repeatedly and asked for 5-6 days time since may 2017, but failed. Imperia Structures ltd owner Harpreet Batra not meeting to anyone or absconding or insolvent, nobody knows about this.

Imperia Structures limited complaints – Imperia Structures Fraud Company

Posted By: M. Mehta

Imperia Structures ltd is a fraud company.(

I booked units in Imperia Residency of Imperia Structures Ltd. in 2010 in Greater Noida, KP V. I was informed that assured rentals of Rs.18000 pm for 1 bhk because Imperia had tied up with Clark Hotel . But recently I got a letter stating that I would get 6% returns on my investment. They also given the possession letters without clearing completion certificate from authorities.

In agreement of Imperia Structures Ltd there was no clause of cancellation because the cheater company Imperia Structures knew that such situation will arise. When I forced them to refund the amount then they are deducting 24% assured returns and 20% cancellation thus total to 44%. Imperia Structures fraud real estate company has a history of doing frauds without any fear.

I appeal to all who has invested in the imperia structures and their money stuck with Imperia we all together file a group case against this fraud company.