The Body Care, Sankey Road, Bangalore – Divya sood MD of Body Care – Body Care Complaints

Posted By : Shweta

My Experience with body care is not good at all.

I was about to buy a Groupon deal for Body Care figure correction deal. But I was scared of the deluge of negative reviews I have read about them. To top it off, they aren’t even bothered about these customer complaints.

I found this somewhere online..pasting here for others’ benefit.

Meenu Joshi is the center head for the “The Body Care” – Koramangala Branch, Bangalore. Her cell no is 9742009417 & her email id is She is absolutely helpless & has no experience in handling customers. For every customer issue she just escalates to Divya Sood(09810002714) who is the MD of “The Body Care” & is also totally hopeless. Just avoid all these people & Body Care in life.

Body care unprofessional staff – Ms. Divya Sood (09810002714) – MD of The Body Care

Posted By : Ritu lal

So unprofessional working there in Body Care, that’s pathetic. They don’t have any value for their clients time.

I am body care client from past 6 months and i have not lose any weight . Apart from that, i booked an appointment on 13 march at 11 am for liposuction . the lady dietician asked me to take another session and then liposuction for which I came for. At 12:15 she said i have to wait for 15 minutes . i waited and then she said came. That is so rude . Body care people do not respect clients and their time . I have paid almost 30, 000 rs for therapies . but i don’t care for money . My time is more precious than money. That lady doesn’t even bother to say sorry .

I had an appointment at 12:30 some where and i delayed that due to my session of liposuction, i told her clearly, still she was not bothered. i should have been given the session because i took appointment and then came not just walked in .

So unprofessional working there, that’s pathetic.

I don’t fly off, but that’s a big warning . I am the director of 4 – 5 hotels and resorts and i know what is hospitality all about and its high time that you people realize .

my card : 1116
Ritu Lal

Body Care Complaints – No weight loss in Body care clinic – Ms. Divya Sood (09810002714) MD of The Body Care

Posted By : Krishna Rao

No weight loss at all in Body Care Clinic. I want my refund. Body care people is not responding.

I Krishna Rao from Bangalore, wish to state that inspite of my regular visit to your unit at Bangalore branch, there is no weight loss. I have discussed with your two dieticians & manager DEEPA, no improvement, may i expect refund of money of RS14000.00 which i have paid on 5.2.2011 through HDFC CREDIT CARD.


My mobile no 9880222448

Body Care Clinic Complaints – Divya Sood MD of Body Care complaints – Consumer Reviews Body Care Clinic

Posted By : Anuradha

Divya Sood Body Care Clinic Complaints – Very Unhappy with Body Care services.

Divya Sood, You suck! White collar criminal – that she is! please do not go/use bodycare’s services but if my mistake you are there – then never make a huge amount as downpayment. If you are unhappy with their services – you will never recover the amount ( thru decent talks). you have to file FIR’S of cheating and start talking to lawyers. don’t waste your time on these bimbos.

i don’t think she ever went to a business school. you closley observe her customer management skills they are like a typical polished “chor”.

Any fraudulent practice that you expereince with her, or other bimbos at body care – pls report to the nearest police station, or consumer courts immediately!

Ms. Divya Sood (09810002714) – MD of The Body Care – Body Care Clinic Complaints

Posted By : Rakhi

Not happy with the services of Body Care Clinic

If you are not happy as a customer of body care clinic due to defective services or products you have to the right to claim back your money. here are a few tips: You can take up your complaints with your disctrict consumer dispute resolution group. which comprises of judges, and IAS oficers. :

you can approach consumer courts in your district too – if you are a lady then you will be provided with a free lawyer as well!

Good luck!

The Body Care – Fraudulent Company – All Over India — “Ms. Divya Sood (09810002714)” – MD of The Body Care

Posted By: Aanchal

Please circulate this to everyone you know about body care and divya sood.

Please do not get carried away by the offerings on the website. It is totally wrong & extremely misleading just to exploit money from the innocent customers. I have wasted my hard earned precious money & time. When every centre-head reach their heights of faking, they direct the customers to this supreme person who you are compelled to meet whenever you have problems with Body Care. This lady is totally unprofessional & a great looser. She never replies to her email id Though she claims she has many years of experience, she is absolutely naïve & pathetic when it comes to facing & solving customer issues. She always pretends to be too busy but the reality is she just wants to avoid the customers. She knows Body Care is a fraudulent company but still wants to portray that it is doing nothing wrong. She arrogantly claims that there are no complaints at all against Body Care. Hello Divya – just type “The Body Care complaint” in & you will spontaneously vomit if you are seriously concerned about the poor customers whom Body Care is cheating on daily basis. When Managing Director itself is of this nature then obviously what kind of expectation can one have from her subordinates spread all over India. Her mobile number is 09810002714. Vomit your frustrations before it gets changed but don’t expect any results out of her.