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Posted By : Anuradha

Divya Sood Body Care Clinic Complaints – Very Unhappy with Body Care services.

Divya Sood, You suck! White collar criminal – that she is! please do not go/use bodycare’s services but if my mistake you are there – then never make a huge amount as downpayment. If you are unhappy with their services – you will never recover the amount ( thru decent talks). you have to file FIR’S of cheating and start talking to lawyers. don’t waste your time on these bimbos.

i don’t think she ever went to a business school. you closley observe her customer management skills they are like a typical polished “chor”.

Any fraudulent practice that you expereince with her, or other bimbos at body care – pls report to the nearest police station, or consumer courts immediately!

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