Venus Detective Agency Noida and Akriti Khatri Complaints -Venus Detective Agency is not registered with APDI – Venus detective Agency has fake office addresses

Posted By: Anjali Sharma

Venus Detective Agency and Akriti Khatri are Frauds.

This company has its registered office in a Slum area of Delhi i.e. 47 – A, TELIWARA, BHOLA NATH NAGAR, SHAHDARA, DELHI-110032 (This can be easily checked online). Moreover, on personal visit to this address one can realize that there is not trace of this company anywhere. No one even knows Akriti Khatri there. This company just got registered in 2017 on a fake address. The monthly turn over this company is only Rs 1.5 Lac only.

They are not even registered company. They project themselves as the leaders in Detective Field—All a Lie. The truth is that the owner of this Company- Akriti Khatri is not even an educated lady. There is no Management in the company. The company push all its customers to pay the amount in Akriti Khatri personal account with AXIS bank.

Only if customer pursues to have an Invoice then they ask to pay in another company account held with Punjab National Bank in the name of “Avows Consulting and Corporate Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.” where Akriti Khatri is the only Director.

All company offices mentioned on their website are fake except NOIDA address which is a rented premises and where they have recently shifted.

This company is not even registered with APDI (Association of Private Detectives and Investigators). In fact after checking the fraudulent record of this company the Association has even rejected the membership application of this company.

This company following unethical trade practices and deceipt all its clients after taking money from them. There have been innumerous negative reviews posted by its victims all across the internet. This actually subside all negative reviews against them by posting positive 5 star reviews about themselves on various platforms. If any one critically examine all reviews of this company, they can easily make out that they are FAKE.

This Company has been defaulting to everyone – Government of India by evading Taxes, Customers by swallowing their hard earned money and employees by asking them indulge in unethical practices and later not even paying whats due to them.
Please… Please… Please… BE AWARE.

Akriti Khatri Venus Detective Agency complaints – Akriti Khatri is a Thief – Venus Detective Agency complaints

Posted By: N. Jain

I am already in a phase of depression and taking tablet due to my divorce case and in these taxing time when I am facing false court cases, I went to Venus Detective Agency. Their lady counselor coaxed me into giving rupees 20K as advance. Despite giving 20K my work giving call record of my wife was not done for a period of one month. When I called them several time they start demanding 20K rupees more, when I refused they blocked my number. When I called Akriti, the owner, she started screaming on me. She is a complete fraud lady and later blackmails people and says what is the proof? Please take bill from her and get a written confirmation so that you can go to police and court for help because I am now lamenting my case as I gave them cash and did not take in written that they will give call details record of my wife’s phone number.