Searchline Database Pvt Ltd complaints – Searchline Database totally eating your money – Fraud company Searchline database

Posted By: Meet

They are totally eating your money and your time and more importantly your hard work. it is very difficult and painful to see that after you work 10 hours a day and still dont get your money.

Hello my name is Meet Nara.and my contact number is 8087281954 and i am here to tell everyone who is about to work with searchline database or still thinking to work with them. Firstly its a total Fraud. Literally a total Fraud!!!! here is why.! my friend who lives in andheri got a call from them, so he thought about it and went to their office which is located in. So they told him a plan and everything for which he paid 8500 which they told was refunded. Yes this is what they will tell you when you first go to their office or contact them that your money is refundable and you can get it anytime you want. but its totally wrong!. so he took a 300 pages contract for 11 months. for which he will get 180. but 100% accuracy is must

Here is the full plan detail they will give you
for 1 to 100 accurate pages 60 rupees per page
for 101 to 200 accurate pages 100 rupees per page
for 201 to 300 180 rupees per page…..

And you can share you work with as many people you want. so my friend shared his workload with me. so we both completed this withing 30 days and submitted it. the QC report came within 3 days and they said your page has one mistake in every page only 3 pages were correct! which is totally Fraud! how only 1 mistake in 297 is possible?? we both had planned it to complete our workload in 27 days and last 3 days we will double check for the mistakes. which we did. even after that they told us that your work is not 100% accurate. i had mailed the same things but they said sorry its a company policy etc.

So my friend called them on the same number from which he got a call for the job but the lady who spoke with my friend was not ready to come over the phone! and sometimes she came but was not ready to talk and only giving the excuses that dont worry and take the 2nd project will do something etc things!!…. so my friend told her to give my 8500 deposit money back. which she completely refused to give!!! so i really dont think that you should invest a single rupee with SEARCHLINE DATA BASE FRANCHISE.

So if anyone is reading this and planning to work with them please whatsapp me or call me anytime and i will provide you their email screenshot and will send you their phone recordings which i have saved.. please do not waste a single rupee with them. maybe this work is genuine but only they are earning but not paying to us. and i also think they the software which is TYPING TO IMAGE which they will provide you to work with is totally in their control and they can easily create mistakes by sitting there. strictly cancel the plan to work with them right now!!!!

Searchline Database complaints – Searchline database fraud company

Posted By: Ashok

This is totally fraud company formed to cheating the people and make quick money.

Hi I am Ashok Kewat. I have taken the 300 pages plan by paying Rs.12000. I have worked from two different computers. After this work load submitted within 30 days. Their QC report says I have typed the work in one of my computer on different software. Hence they totally rejected my work.

I have visited their Sakinaka Branch, where I found that they are operating call center to call the innocent people and offer the work. This branch was opened just 2 years back. When I asked one of the staff, she told me that she is working there since last 4 years which was totally lie. Their whole environment was suspicious.

They pay few people to show that they are authentic company. But, I swear that they are here just to cheat the people.

Please do not get cheated by these Fraud company.