Rajat Khare appin to Boundary Holding – Hackers Group in India

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Rajat Khare appin to Boundary Holding – Hackers Group in India

areputation, appin, acsg delhi- Hackers Group in India

Rajat Khare markets himself as a serial entrepreneur and an author. However, the IIT Delhi alumnus is actually a hacker-for-hire who has carried out cyber attacks on behalf of several prominent organizations.

According to our sources, Rajat Khare used to run Appin Security, a pioneer of the “hacker for hire” industry.

The cybercriminal set up his office in Switzerland and started working for attorneys, lobbyists, and even investigation companies. Rajat Khare and his firm, Appin Security, would perform various cyber attacks on the targets provided to them by their clients.


appin, acsg, areputation, abp holdings, wynyard, aci security, boundary holding, abp holding are some companies headed by Rajat Khare, Anuj Khare, Vijay Khare them.



3 thoughts on “Rajat Khare appin to Boundary Holding – Hackers Group in India”

  1. 4New Management Team certainly has some interesting characters, the founder and chairman of the company Varun Datta is a absconding conman from India http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2727345/Police-arrest-members-Delhi-fraudster-family-accused-cheating-businessman-Rs-5-crore.html

    The President Mr. Saransh Sharma claims to has admitted to stealing a database from a former employer and has also tried to con a Indian business with a so called billion dollar loan. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sahara-mirach/exclusive-indian-tycoon-roys-get-out-of-jail-deal-is-mired-in-mystery-idUSKBN0L82G020150205

    The CEO Mr. Sandeep Golecha only got off spending time in a UK prison thanks to a technical failing on part of the prosecution https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/legal-failures-the-pound65m-fiasco-496292.html

    These guys have 0 physical assets and a dodgy board, wish we had a regulator in the UK overseeing ICOs because this seems very suspect.

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