Runwal Group Cheater – Biggest cheat ever – Never ever buy property from runwal group.

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Runwal Group Cheater – Biggest cheat ever – Never ever buy property from runwal group Runwal Greens Mulund.

We have booked in Runwal Greens Mulund project in June 2010.

Ever since the horror story contineus…

1) The Flat size is small than proised in brocheure

2) Even after paying for super build up theya re charging 14 lakh extra

3) The posssession is delayed by almost 1 year

4) The Builder has illegally taken 100% money with still the work going on in project

5) Unetically charging the interest and threatening consumers to pay this hefty interest going in lakhs.

6) Unprofession behaviour by the Runwal executive

7) No response to the queries of consumers. We have never seen this case kind.

Body Care Clinic Complaints – Divya Sood MD of Body Care complaints – Consumer Reviews Body Care Clinic

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Divya Sood Body Care Clinic Complaints – Very Unhappy with Body Care services.

Divya Sood, You suck! White collar criminal – that she is! please do not go/use bodycare’s services but if my mistake you are there – then never make a huge amount as downpayment. If you are unhappy with their services – you will never recover the amount ( thru decent talks). you have to file FIR’S of cheating and start talking to lawyers. don’t waste your time on these bimbos.

i don’t think she ever went to a business school. you closley observe her customer management skills they are like a typical polished “chor”.

Any fraudulent practice that you expereince with her, or other bimbos at body care – pls report to the nearest police station, or consumer courts immediately!