Visas Avenue complaints – Visas Avenue services fraud

Posted By: Ira Dsouza

I have approached visas avenue hyderabad to process our application for pr in australia. We were initially met by mr abhishek and ms jyotsna who convinced us that we made the right choice by opting for visas avenue.

We paid our hard earned money of close to a lakh to them in the month of august 2018 with the assurance that our application would be processed within 6 to 8 months. We didnt receive any communication till the 6th of october..

Here comes the very interesting part… We were initially informed that the anzsco code we would be assessed for was 312512 by our case coordinator mr pavan duggu, and relevant documentation was sent to them, after a few days mr mahesh calls us and tells us that i come under a different skill 312511 we spent so much time making the cdr’s & cpd and the summary statement only to be later informed that the code is back to 312512.. This information was given to us mid january 2019.

When asked why wasnt the same assessed properly in the first instance, all we get is a pathetic apology. Its now been a waste of 4 precious months of our time money energy. Moreover we pressed for the application to be processed on a priority basis, but it seems that our many requests have had absolutely no influence on your teams tardy working. I shall be glad to know when exactly do we expect to actually start with the application, the delay n your teams part is causing considerable embarrassment.

Please intimate us on the start of our application and necessary actions as soon as you receive this email. We may be forced to ask for the entire refund and cancel our application with visasavenue and go to a more reliable agency.

Its now upto you to salvage our belied expectations

Visas Avenue complaints — Visas Avenue fake services with absolutely no knowledge about the product

Posted By: Sahil Arora

It is bring to your notice that i have faced issues regarding my visas consultant. Two years back i have considered getting visas avenue services and i was assigned case manager name kanika manchanda. She was handling my case for one year and after that my case manager changed to deepali negi. Later on i was in contact with gaurav case manager again changed. Now i am dealing with madan. I paid them 65k at first day of my services. Later on they asked me to submit documents and whenever case manager changed asked me to submit documents. I have not received any kind of positive update. I can not even talk to their head so i. E i can explain about what is happeneing and y my things are getting delayed. I had a word with keerti she got a big mouth she does not even bother to listen she said u want to cabncel pls cancel the case after two years. They have looted me and m now with nothing no update nothing. Pls help me in this pls pls i feel like cheated

Sahil arora