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Posted By: Johniphus

My name is Johniphus and i am from NOIDA. I am writing this to expose the fraud immigration visa company named Opulentus Immigration Overseas Careers Pvt Ltd. I am writing this complaint after ultimate frustration from the OPULENTUS COMPANY Delhi and Hyderabad branches.

They cheated me by repeated lies and giving false info about my wife’s eligibility on education on the basis of IELTS scores diplomatically. This I have experienced like many others after signing up for Canadian Immigration by paying a huge sum of 45, 000 INR by Credit Card. They never inform clients about the pros and cons of the process. Mr. Mirnal from Delhi sales and Mr Prashant from hydrebad branch were in contact with me.  At the time of signup they beg us and promise getting a visa/PR is an easy job, after we pay the money they start revealing the actual problems.Theirs is a worst service and they tortured me like anything.

They offered me a package of 2.5 Lacs including 70000 opulentus fee. Initially they did an opulentus review (IRR) on my profile (Paid 1000 service tax extra) and said I would qualify for the FSW. But I understood I will not able to furnish all the documents required and hence I told them I don’t want to process and asked them if they could do process the FSW with my wife as the primary applicant. Even though I expressed my willingness to do the review of my wife's profile by paying another 1000 service tax, I was advised to make the payment asap, so that a case officer would be assigned and the case officer can help me making my wife the primary applicant. So I made the payment of 45000 rupees and a case officer is assigned. (They took the payment in my name and had me sign an agreement and told me later that can be changed to wifes name). I explained my situation on the first communication to the case officer and the case officer said I have to do an IRR review for my wife. I did the IRR for my wife by paying another 1000 service tax, but that is rejected as her profile doesn't match the one in National Occupation List for FSW. So they/we cannot go ahead with the FSW application now.

They took the payment from me for my for family application with my wife as the primary applicant. But they says her qualification is not suitable for Canada FSW PR application. I asked them to refund the money if she doesn’t qualify. But they are not answering my calls correctly or replying to me emails. They are total fraudsters please take strict action against them.

They always advise me to call or email divergence team. But the divergence team says my account is blocked and I have make a balance payment of 25000. I don’t understand if they cannot process the visa why they want the balance payment. They should be rather refunding my money. Then the divergence said they don’t have any refund request from me, but I have sent an email 1 month prior. They had me resent the email again. I forwarded the email twice on 1st of August. Till now no reply or response from them.

I can provide all the references when required. Please I request you to bring these people’s fraudulence to light and save innocent people from falling into their traps. And help me to get my total refund amount of INR .45000.

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Opulentus Overseas careers fake – Opulentus Immigration Worst Consultancy – Complaints of Opulentus Immigration Consultancy

Posted By: Garimella

Opulentus Immigration Worst Consultancy

I ended paying 60k and waited for a year then paid 40k for second year.. That is totally waste of time and money. They did nothing.

Please don’t go to Opulentus Overseas Careers https://www.opulentus.com/ https://www.opulentuz.com/. They are bunch of liars. Money can be earned but time will not come back.


Opulentus Immigration complaints – Opulentus overseas careers fake immigration company – Opulentus Immigration reviews

Posted By: Subhro

Opulentus Immigration complaints

Opulentus immigration overseas careers is truly a fake business just to earn money . They don’t share their correct information with their customers . They come up with hidden costs and trap their customers only after the customer pay them money. Post repeated calls on clarification they are extremely rude with their customers. Not only that once the customers are trapped, the refuse to refund their hard earned money and to top it all they do not call back in spite of repeated requests . If you try to reach the specific person through the numbers provided they never even bother to come on the call . I had this kind of a very bad experience with Srividya Kathik who I suppose is the Branch Head of one of the Bangalore Branch and her team .

Please beware of this fraud Opulentus overseas careers immigration company.

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