Apex Visas false promises complaints – inappropriate and false information by Apex Visas – Apex Visas Complaints

Posted By: Sai Vuppala

Apex Visas https://apexvisas.com/  False promises everytime.

Apex visas is all about false promises and inappropriate information. They never respond to the queries… rather all they want is to get the money from innocent people. No follow ups. They in fact put all the blame on the client. Absolutely worst service and I would not recommend this fraud company to anyone.

Extremely bad services by Apex Visas Immigartion – Consumer Complaints of Apex Visas – Apex Visas Reviews

Posted By: Poonam

Apex Visas https://apexvisas.com/ extremely bad services.

Apex visas is looting money in the name of providing visa services. I paid them fees for two applications on the very first day of our meeting but I must tell you all that they are completely useless as they don’t even know how to fill the visitor visa’s application form. This itself gives a clear picture of what kind of work they must be doing.
At the end of the day i had to fill the form myself. I even did all the paperwork again. They were just available to take the money. Please avoid them at any cost. Go to them only if you wish to get rejection on your application.

Apex Visas immigration misguided people – Apex Visas complaints – Apex Visas AV Immigration only interested in money

Posted By: Harkishan

Apex Visas https://apexvisas.com/ misguided and interested in money of innocent people.

They misguided me completely and all the words said by them to convince me were a lie. All they want is to get the money and later they refuse to refund. I would specifically like to mention the name of sunita, she promised me that if nothing works she will refund 50 to 60 percent money but now she is not even picking my calls. I really don’t know how to get refund.

Apex Visas complaints Disgusting services – Rude staff of Apex Visas – Complaints Apex Visas

Posted By: Sateesh

Apex visas https://apexvisas.com/ complaints and  low grade services

Apex visas service is totally low-grade and the people working in this blacklisted company are also big time cheaters. I want to let you all know about the cheating they did to me so that the same is not done with anyone else. Be aware of such an organisation and company of case officers. They are big cheaters who only have interest in robbing money from innocent people. So never get trapped in their sweet soft words. They have bad reputation in this industry. I have been a victim of them. Try to avoid their facebook or any social media interference and even their website. They will not leave you until you pay money to them for the process.

Apex Visas big cheater company – Apex Visas AV immigration complaints – Never Trust Apex Visas

Posted By: Vrudh G.

Apex Visas https://apexvisas.com is a big Cheater company.

I have been cheated by these fraudsters Apex visas. Never trust them as they all are liars. I paid almost 1 lakh rupees and  the refund that I got in the end was just 21000. Most of my hard earn money was deducted for service which they didn’t provide. In two years I have spent almost 1,60000 Rupees on classes and ielts. And  now they don’t even reply to my mails or phone calls. We must take strict action to put them in jail.

Apex Visas pune big fraud company – Apex Visas Complaints – Apex Visas Pune complaints

Posted By: G. Singh

Apex Visas pune https://apexvisas.com  is a big Fraud  company.

Two years back I had given my hard earned money 90000 INR to apex visas pune. I observed that Apex Visas doesn’t have proper  knowledge on visa process and also they are not concerned about their clients. Many times  I had to call my case officer(Shivangi), to tell her about the Provenience which are open for the particular NOC. Now they changed my case officer but the situation is same. I am not seeing  any further progress on my case.

This is my request to future applicants to avoid to submit their visa case with Apex Visas, rather they can do it by themselves.

Apex Visas Fraud – Apex Visas fraud and liars – Apex Visas Reviews by their customers

Posted By: Gagandeep

Apex Visas https://apexvisas.com/ is a fraud and cheater company.

All people are fraud and cheaters in Apex Visas. They don’t know any professionalism. We are giving them our hard earned money thinking that we are investing in our future. I had given them my PR application to Australia and also 1 lac 10 thousand rupees. But all wasted. So please avoid this kind of fraud Visa immigration companies. This would save you a lot of pain and money. In simple words i will tell you that apex visas just want money from you that’s it.

Apex Visas Complaints – Terrible services provided by Apex Visas (AV immigration) – Apex Visas Complaints by their customer

Posted By: Gautam

Apex Visas (https://apexvisas.com) or AV immigration (https://avimmigration.com/) fraud immigration company.

Terrible services provided by Apex visas. If you are a working and busy person then do not waste your time and money on them.

They are so careless people that even after providing them all the details and documents they  handled my PR application to Australia very poorly and had no clue as to what my job was about. Firstly they told me that I would easily get the Australian PR. And after taking money they are just made excuses.  They promised me to refund the money but now they are not. Every time I asked them for it, they’d say that their legal team will contact me, which never happened. I have lost my 1 Lac rupees . So please people don’t go to Apex Visas or AV Immigration . These are the same company with different names.