Body care unprofessional staff – Ms. Divya Sood (09810002714) – MD of The Body Care

Posted By : Ritu lal

So unprofessional working there in Body Care, that’s pathetic. They don’t have any value for their clients time.

I am body care client from past 6 months and i have not lose any weight . Apart from that, i booked an appointment on 13 march at 11 am for liposuction . the lady dietician asked me to take another session and then liposuction for which I came for. At 12:15 she said i have to wait for 15 minutes . i waited and then she said came. That is so rude . Body care people do not respect clients and their time . I have paid almost 30, 000 rs for therapies . but i don’t care for money . My time is more precious than money. That lady doesn’t even bother to say sorry .

I had an appointment at 12:30 some where and i delayed that due to my session of liposuction, i told her clearly, still she was not bothered. i should have been given the session because i took appointment and then came not just walked in .

So unprofessional working there, that’s pathetic.

I don’t fly off, but that’s a big warning . I am the director of 4 – 5 hotels and resorts and i know what is hospitality all about and its high time that you people realize .

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Ritu Lal

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