Frankfinn Gurgaon branch – Frankfinn institute fraud and liers – Complaints of Frankfinn Institute

Posted By: Ritika


I don’t know how to start… Frankfinn plays with the life of the students. I know many girls who got selected in the domestic airlines even without doing any course from any institute. Well, my younger sister is studying in Gurgaon branch of frankfinn. First of all, they don’t have the enough trainers. Her 1 year is going to end in June and till date her aviation, in-flight training, PD classes not even started. The whole staff got changed in this year. Secondly, the main thing is this we have paid them to teach our children and what they are doing…I must tell you…they are sending their students for activity(visit schools and get the application forms filled by the new candidates for admission. And this activity got started 2 months back…and till date it has no end. Did i pay 1, 62, 000/- rupees to help the frankfinn institute to make their admissions and make more money…instead of teaching the students. I can understand that this kind of activity is also important but not taking care of studies for which we have sent our child is not tolerable. They are just money makers. And now, when the complete course is left(one year will get end in June;12) the gurgaon institute people are asking students to go and give the interviews in BPO. customer care executive on a salary of Rs.10K!!! I mean kit is ridiculous! We dnt need money for us. I just need that my sister become a cabin crew…as it is her dream…and she has a lot of passion to achieve this. But by seeing the culture in Gurgaon branch…she is feeling very bad…and is now discouraged!

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