Imperia Structure Limited complaints – Imperia structures company not paying assured return on onyx office space 250 sft booked in december 2015 – Imperia structures fraud company

Posted By: KC Jain
Imperia Structures ltd  is a Fraud real estate company. (
As per agreement of Imperia Structures ltd, 12 pdcs of rs 15313 each to be delivered to us, before April 15th as assured return on capital – buying of 250 sq. ft. office space in onyx project of the imperia company
But despite of many requests and visiting to their office they did not pay anything for 5-6 months. Imperia structures executives are lying repeatedly and asked for 5-6 days time since may 2017, but failed. Imperia Structures ltd owner Harpreet Batra not meeting to anyone or absconding or insolvent, nobody knows about this.

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