Livspace Reviews – Worst experience with livespace services – Never recommend livspace to anyone

Posted By: Aditya

Livspace Complaints – Worst experience with Livsapce I have had with any service –
Will never recommend Livspace services to anyone.

We have had a kitchen remodelled by Livspace. We also wanted a one stop shop instead of having to chase up with contractors or carpenters independently.
Livspace’s design boutique in Lavelle Road is quite impressive and gave an impression of them being a popular choice among customers given the number of people visiting it.
Livspace takes the payment upfront and is very rigid about their process which means pay before they share anything (even tentative dates) with you. Once we paid for the design, the execution did not start till a month later (delayed from when they said it would). They had promised that the Project Manager will oversee execution and keep track – he was missing for the most part. The workers came in on their own sweet time – very less work was accomplished daily. Their Customer service is pathetic and not responsive. We have had multiple escalations with no response for a month.
Project is delayed by more than 2 weeks (it was already delayed in starting due to Covid) , now they are asking for payment without even bothering to inform on delays.
This is the worst experience I have had with any service. I think going with a single contractor might have been easier.
Will never recommend their services to anyone.

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