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Posted By: Nadia Kanwal

It’s been 1 year and 3 months Devisers Consultancy DMCC are not able to do our immigration. Big frauds!!! Cheaters!!! Liars!!!

Devisers Consultancy DMCC
Suite 2304 & 2305, Jumeirah Business Centre 2, Cluster V – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

I had a very bad experience with Devisers immigration consultancy. 18 June 2019!!! After signing up with Devisers, no one pick up the call, no one replies for messages. Miss Sataish doesn’t show her face after signing up. Every time we go to their office, they just tell fake stories and nothing else. We have paid them a big amount. Please don’t trust them. I will update here for my case to all of you.

I don’t know why their boss Mr. Zohaib doesn’t meet anyone. After signing up with them we are unable to see him. If Mr. Zohaib is not fraud, he should see his clients with confidence. 4th August 2019!!! As I said before I will update all of you about my case here, so it’s more than 3 months we signed up the contract and there is no progress in our case so far. At the time of sign up, Miss Sataish said that within 3 months you will get visa. But in these 3 months I am behind these guys and no outcome is there. I am highly disappointed by this company. They don’t fulfill their promises and don’t bother whatever client say. I call every week to get updates.

7th August 2019- In your response you said to contact Miss Yasmeen, there is no use of contacting Miss Yasmeen. I called her many times and spoke to her but she doesn’t know anything about my case. Your customer care is total fail. She says on each call that Bilal knows everything. Our case is stuck with Bilal. No update from your side, no follow up, no outcome. I am chasing your staff from last 3 and half months. It’s very easy to say please call our customer care representative but there is no use of calling. Miss Alysa has concern with documents only.

4th September 2019-
5 months will complete on this 12th September when we signed up with Devisers. There is no outcome from them in these 5 months. They promised us that we will get visa in max 3 to 4 months. In these 5 months we didn’t get any result. There is no chance in upcoming days too.

9th December 2019-
I am not making it a diary for myself. I am writing my experience to warn others. It’s 8 months now and there is no progress. My husband is principal applicant. Dig out the matter and resolve if u can. We signed up with you on 12th April. Our case is start up visa which you are unable to do. Delays, incompetence, no response!

14th January 2020-
One more victim Madiha Ali has told her story in a review. Please don’t get trap by Sataish. She tells in the beginning that you will get visa in max 4 months and after payment she doesn’t want to see you. So pathatic attitude!!!
You can see if any client writes a negative review, immediately there are 2 to 3 positive reviews from Devisers staff. These positive reviews are paid and don’t have any value. All positive reviews are from their staff only. They write 4 to 5 reviews in a day.

Reality is there are many angry clients like me who paid heavy amounts to this company but didn’t get anything from them. Beware don’t trust this company and Sataish. If you have extra money then spend for these frauds.

They delete all the bad comments on their Facebook page and block the person who writes truth about them. They can’t face people saying them cheaters.

All positive reviews are paid reviews because in one day there are 4 to 5 positive reviews and all are saying we got visa, praising Sataish, which is impossible. Sataish just takes money and doesn’t see client again.

It’s been 1 year and 3 months they are not able to do our immigration. Devisers Immigration Consultancy is a big fraud immigration company, cheater company.

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2 thoughts on “Devisers Consultancy DMCC complaints – Devisers Immigration Consultancy Reviews – Very bad experience with Devisers Consultancy”

  1. They are really cheaters and say wrong information about the product and prograss.

    Did you file a case against them?

  2. So sorry to hear about this. They tried to cover this up but they failed. I saw your case when I was still with Devisers but I agree they are not honest people. Good thing I left

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