Livspace Reviews – Livspace charged 50% more – Livspace complaints

Posted By: Ankit

Livspace Complaints – Livspace people are a bunch of arrogant, oversmart, money extortioners.

I generally dont write negative reviews for anyone even if they have given me a poor service/product. But Livspaces is a class apart.

The only good part is that they have good designers. And the good part ends there.

Their prices are rubbish.

Each and every thing they charge you is atleast 50% more than the established market rate.

Whats more interesting is that they charge you 8% commission even on such exorbitant pricing.

I will never recommend anyone getting anything done from them.

I will give you certain price pointers, check it in the open market before engaging them and you will know the truth.

1) Tile fixing (livspaces 110 /sft) + 8% commission
2) paiting (livspaces 27 / sft ) + 8% commission
3) Installation of ply (250 /sft) + commission
4) installation (just intallation) of Veneer on door (18000) + commission
5) door laminate (14000) + Commission
5) false ceiling (140/sft) ++

My suggestion, stay away, they are charging you a bomb, will bill you for hidden things.

Once you engage them, you get stuck, you will have to endure them.

I had to remove half the things from their scope which i got it done for half the price.

And here, i am not talking about the delays, non responsiveness and high headedness of the team. Which is an added insult to injury.

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