WWICS Group — Cheating @ WWICS and creating a group

Posted By: Sudhanshu

I enrolled with their services on March 2016 in Pune. In my profile evaluation i got CRS of 391.My FSN 93872.Mrs Renu Chadda Branch manager gave me false commitment that the CRS will come down to 350 so I should go ahead with the. Then the follow up started. Then I paid a total 75000+ST and 1100USD amounting to approx 1, 60, 000. after that she keep on giving false promises and even she asked 468 CAD for WES which is actually 234CAD as I argue with them then the WWICS accepted it.
In the month of September again I was duped with 57500 as PNP and they file my case for PEI where I filled up the form and they just uploaded it. When I am asking for my refund then they are saying since we have uploaded for PEI you are not eligible for refund.

I was totally duped with 2, 20, 000 and now the WWICS guys are asking me for roof of that statement and threatening me that as you have signed the agreement with your own consent you will face legal consequences. However, I along with a lot of people have signed the agreement due to the false commitment of their Branch Manager.

I have created a group for 10-15 people of same fate whose CRS is below 400 since they all have been duped. We will approach to Crime Branch soon. I request everybody in Pune who have been duped by the same false commitment to contact 8446369873 and sudhansunk03gmail.com so that we all will approach at a time and our unity will result in getting our hard earned money back.

Please contact 8446369873 as soon as possible so that you will get your Hard earned money back.

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