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I had put up my file for PR for Canada through M/s WWICS in 2013 with consultancy fees of Rs.1,51,000/- .But since file was delayed from their end,it was returned in January 2014 due to caps reached for 500 files.But M/s WWICS had assured me to put the file again in May 2014 when immigration for reopened since it was delayed in 2013 from their end.Again I had submitted my documents and my file was send without mentioning the date in the immigration forms which is compulsory.As a result again my file was returned again in October 2014 due to their mistake.I have also got letter from Canada Immigration mentioning the reason for returning the file where it is clearly mention that since the date is not mention in file the file is returned..Hence I had asked them to pay my complete refund o Rs.1,51,000 since they had not done proper consultancy and even they do not know to mention the date in the forms.But they are refunding only Rs.25,000 as per contract and now after 2 years they agreed to pay Rs.50,000.But I have asked them to fully refund my money of Rs.1,51,000 since the file was returned due to their mistake.I have send many remainders for refund but they are not agreeing to pay.I think this is cheat company.Please held me.
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