WWICS immigration Reviews – WWICS Worst Immigration Consultancy – WWICS immigration is not at all trustworthy

Posted By: Vinay

WWICS group is Worst Immigration Consultancy.

WWICS is not at all trustworthy. They are only involved in money making and least bothered about customer’s problems. WWICS would sound very professional and courteous initially but are not at all supportive to the customer once fees are paid. Especially in tough times like COVID-19, they were totally ignorant to our issues. WWICS group management is a bunch of crooks who only want to steal money our your pocket by hook or by crook but would never respond to your requests. I have my own bad experience and many people have also told me that wwics top the list of worst consultancies.

Please suggest me how to get my refund as I haven’t at all used their services.

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