Vantage Immigration Consultancy Complaints – Vantage Immigration Consultancy is such a fraud company

Posted By: Sawan Kumar

Vantage Immigration Consultancy is such a fraud company. They simply fish you in their lucrative talks. Their Head of the company Mr. Abraham, is such a busy person, he will meet you on the very first meeting after that, you just forget to meet him. If you asked their employees to make an arrangement for meeting, they will simple tell you that, please tell us, pretend to be President of India, to whom general people can’t meet him. They don’t stuck on their wordings, whatever they say. They will ask you to submit the NEVER ENDING LISTS of DOCUMENTS, which is likely to impossible to match the expectation. The number of documents is like that, “You are not going for employment, you are going to be a Governor of a Province of Hongkong.” After that, since beginning they will be telling you that, ILETS is not mandatory, but at the nick of time, you will be shocked to know that ILETS is being asked by Hong Kong Embassy. They will simple tell you that sir you need to procure ILETS Score by OWN. Just one thinking will come it mind that you have been ****ed. Beauty of their service is that, every time you need to pin him about your process, you and only you need to remind them, that your process is with them… In their process they will ask you to show Rs.500,000 in your Bank Account, it’s very simple, if one, would have Rs.5L in their Bank, why he/she will think to go abroad. Beauty of this process that, they will ask you to provide the supporting documents form where you showed those Rs.5L in your bank (C***** S***, ab log kisi se udhar leke paise ekkatha karte hain, kisi se loan lete hain, jewelry girvi rekhte hain, Rs.5L pura show karne liye, kutton jaisi halat ho jaata hai, Rs.5L poora karte karte, aur inko Proof chahiye ke kanha se aaya ye Rs.5L, abe c******* saare log jo tere paas aate hain apna process ke liye, kabhi uske baare me socha hai).

They simply know how to put a Bolt on the weaker nerve of the people, because everyone has a dream to go abroad for earning…. They take full amount of process in very first meeting, and rest you forget the amount of money you paid to them… May of us, fooled by them, nothing happens to them.
Is there any possibility  to get some action against them or get our hard earned money back????

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