Agwo , Mission heal, Relief india trust … fraud NGO’s

By : aasthar K

There are few fraud NGOs who works based on charity for which you should never fall as prey. They are

1. Relief India Trust. Website: Relief India Trust – A Helping Hand

2. Mission Heal. Website: Mission Heal

3. Cancer care trust. Website: CANCER CARE TRUST ::

4. Cry to smile foundation. Website: Welcome To Cry Smile Foundation

5. Care for life charitable trust. Website: Welcome to Care For Life Charitable Trust

6. A Giggles Welfare Organisation agwo A Giggles Welfare Organization |

All these  NGOs are scams and fraudsters . Their plan of operation is such that they will first contact you over phone and will introduce themselves as one of the student volunteers of the NGO  and then will describe the plight of a poor child admitted at Aiims. And then will ask to donate money to the NGOs account.

Never donate them. They are big fraudsters.


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