Continental Immigration Consultancy Fraud

By: Ruwi

Please dont take a wrong step by taking the help of continental immigration consultancies, because the staff are inexperienced & irresponsible. So inquire all the details & then decide to pay the money, because once you pay you have to be back of them to find out all the details but till then they`ll be back asking you that the vacancies are about to finish, so if you have more money use it for some good purpose instead of feeding the useless continental group. So this is how our India is still a developing country & it`ll be the same unless people who earn money by cheating others are punished.

I am talking about Continental Immigration Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

Address: Devika Tower, 1008 & 1011, 10th Floor, Nehru Palace, New Delhi – 110019. Landline: 011-42358800 Mobile: +91-8010779900 Toll Free: 011 – 42358800



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