Value4Brand complaints against their prepayment policy – Value4brand fraud people Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty

Posted By: Kalika

Value4Brand is a big big fraud company. I had given them a project of Online Reputation management. Neha and Subhashis promised me to give the delivery on time and they had taken the project amount in advance.

They assured me that your money is safe and they will give the desired results. But they did not give the desired results to me and my all money has been wasted.  No supression work .. no removal work has been done. They just made some profiles of the company and give me that in a report. And taken 2 lacs rupees from me.

So they are not good people. Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty are the fraudsters.

13 thoughts on “Value4Brand complaints against their prepayment policy – Value4brand fraud people Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty”

  1. value4brand directors Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty want to hide their scams and frauds thats why they sent a fake copyright notice.. so that they can fool more people..

  2. Value4Brand sent fake copyright Notice:
    First name: Sumit
    Last name: Sharma
    Company name:
    Address: Andheri Kurla Road
    City: Mumbai
    State/Region/Province: Maharashtra
    ZIP: 400072
    Country: India (IN)
    Phone number: 8743895254
    Email address:

    Copyright holder: Sumit Sharma

    Location of unauthorized material:

    Location of original materials:

  3. Value4brand is fraud Company. Subhashis and Neha are the directors of this fraud Company. Please take strict actions against this company.

  4. Value4brand is a fraud online reputation management company. Don’t go to Value4brand cheater company for any ORM work.

  5. Value4brand is a fraud company. They also cheated with me. They made fake promises and take the money and did not deliver the desired results. This is their policy.. take money and do nothing. is not a genuine orm company.

  6. Value4brand is not a good company to work with. They only cheats you. Value4brand is a fraud ORM company.

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