Value4Brand Complaints – Value4Brand don’t value their employees – Value4Brand Delhi

Posted By: Ashna

Value4Brand Complaints – Value4Brand don’t value their employees – Value4Brand Delhi

Value4Brand is a company which really don’t value to their employees. Employees work so hard and dedicatedly in the firm but the owners Mr Shubhashis and Ms Neha Arora feels they are betraying them. They really don’t value the emotions of there employees.


Address: Netaji Subhash Palace, Delhi-110034, India



Value4brand ( complaints – Value4brand Subhashis k Chakraborty sending fake court notices – Subhashis k Chakraborty complaints

Posted By: Grahakseva Complaints Team

Value4brand delhi ( , and trying to block our website( and now ( by sending fake court orders and fake notices. Recently Grahakseva Complaints team received fake Court Notice from Value4Brand side. All three websites ( and and managed by Subhashis k Chakraborty and Neha Arora. Value4brand team is applying illegal ways to remove their complaints from our website. Subhashis k chakraborty and Neha Arora applying illegal ethics to take down their negative reviews from our website.



Value4brand complaints – value4brand complaints by their clients – Fake promises by value4brand

Posted By : Rajesh

Value4brand is a fraud ORM company in Delhi, India.

Value4brand is a fraud company. They also cheated with me on the name of Online Reputation Management work. They made fake promises and take the money and did not deliver the desired results. This is their policy.. take money and do nothing. value4brand is not a genuine orm company.

So please beware of this fraud Value4brand company.

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Value4Brand complaints against their prepayment policy – Value4brand fraud people Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty

Posted By: Kalika

Value4Brand is a big big fraud company. I had given them a project of Online Reputation management. Neha and Subhashis promised me to give the delivery on time and they had taken the project amount in advance.

They assured me that your money is safe and they will give the desired results. But they did not give the desired results to me and my all money has been wasted.  No supression work .. no removal work has been done. They just made some profiles of the company and give me that in a report. And taken 2 lacs rupees from me.

So they are not good people. Neha Arora and Subhashis K Chakraborty are the fraudsters.

Value4brand complaints – Subhashis K Chakraborty value4brand fraud

Posted By: Suresh

Value4brand not a worthy company. Value4brand is a fraud company.

We worked with this company more than 6 months and we found waste of money. Non worth of money in investment in branding and ORM for our company.
Subhashis K Chakraborty only interested in your money and after getting the money they will not listen to you. So beware of this fraud company Value4Brand.

Value4Brand Complaints – Value4Brand looting your money

Posted By: Sunao S

Value4brand company total wastage of money.

Place to learn nothing but can waste money
I never recommend to anyone for this value4brand company for any course or service related.
I did my seo course from them.Total cheap quality teacher mentality and worst experience which demotivate me for join any course center for any else.

SEO classes structure to slow and total waste time everyday more than 2hr to 4 hr , some time teacher coming waiting, sometime teacher comes and give us long lines to read on net, sometimes teacher comes and say well teach tomorrow.