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Posted By: Udit

Well i got in touch with them for the canada pr service. Without making me know that i am not eligible for the express entry directly as my crs score is less, the agent stated omg you are eligible below is the evaluation report. The agent made me talk to a process consultant he said in your total 3 years 4 months experience if you remove your 7 months experience as you dont have a experience letter from your employer, your crs score will go more low so we need to show.

And in the starting my agent swapnika said no udit no need to worry even if we remove that experience your crs score will be the same.

I have myself checked my crs score and it does not comes out to be 404 as per canadian website. My score comes out to be 336. I asked many consultancies they said you are not eligible then how can they just lie to me for ruining my career, my time, my everything.

They lied to me you are just 25 start now with the process nor your score will go low next year when you turn 26. And in real it doesn’t hamper my score even if i am 26 now.

A big lie just to grab money from people. That is where i started the process. Another thing i transferred 38 thousand to there account excluding gst as per the recipet i got and on the agreement it is just written 33 thousand excluding gst, first installment paid.

It is just been 12 days from the day i made my first installment. I am asking for refund as i have not signed the agreement till yet. And the agent is now making drama saying no you can just change the service to another amount or a service to the equivalent amount paid.

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  1. To my agents Kalpana Pattyappu and Dhandu Sai Kumar from Hyderabad.

    They lied to me regarding the following details and after i found out the truth, they approved only 25% of refund. I gave them around 1 lakh 18 thousand(receipt attached)
    They told me that this year Canada is planning to let in 1.5 million immigrants.
    This 1.5 million immigrants include the refugees from Syria and other countries who come to Canada. Using this as sales pitch is the thing ever to grab money from me and many other people. Getting selected for PR is not that easy at the same time not so much tough. But Canada wants to take only qualified people through Express Entry system and it might be only in thousands and not in millions.
    I need to get 6.5 in IELTS and provide proofs to get registered in the Pool.
    Getting into the pool with poor score doesn’t guarantee anything. There are lakhs and lakhs of people in the pool with poor scores (<440) who won't get a PR. Getting REGISTERED in the pool and getting SELECTED in the PR are entirely two different things.
    It is enough to get 7,6.5, 6.5, 6.5 in IELTS to get PR in Canada.
    Unless I get 8 7 7 7 (LRWS) in IELTS , it is not possible to get PR
    I can get PR in 6 to 8 months,
    Unless I get CRS score of 440 plus, it is not possible to get PR or PNP in Canada
    They don't tell me about the securing deposit of 8-10 lakh I need to keep as fixed deposit to show as proof.
    I need to have 8-10L as proof of funds and also should pay extra 65k if I got selected by PNP.
    Once my profile is created, I will be picked up in the lot in the next round.
    It is not a lot, it is a queue. The selection doesn't happen in random . It happens in merit basis. For example, if I get 439 as your CRS score, if someone with score 440 register, he will have more chances than me.
    even if my score is below 400, I can get that extra 700 from PNP.
    Getting 700 extra points from PNP is not possible without getting 400 CRS score which is again possible only if my is score 8, 7, 7, 7 in IELTS.

    I have faced high level of frustration and harassment in dealing with them. I just want my hard earned money back.

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