Radvision World Consultancy Services Llp – Radvision World Consultancy Services Llp complaints, unauthorized, fake, cheat

Posted By: Thomas

All professionals and candidates who are looking for job overseas or placements outside india, beware, i will say again beware of this absolute fraud consultancy, because this company is headed by a bunch of people who are themselves fugitives and cheaters. Guess who is writing this complaint on. I am an ex-employee, i will disclose their best kept secrets so that people understand their strategy. I will tell you all step by step

1. Lets talk about job overseas placements, the truth is this consultancy has absolutely zero contacts with the companies or recruiters abroad
They pick your resume randomly from naukri websites such as naukri.com, and give you a call that your resume has got shortlisted for jobs aboard and they have openings related to your profile, but the fact is neither your resume has got shortlisted nor they have openings abroad, if you will ask them to give details about the company in which they will be placing you, they will have no answer and would say that company is confidential, if you ask which designation and profile you are recruiting for, they will say it is related to yours. After this they will ask you for money in the name of jobs and say their experts will be evaluating your cv on basis of your education qualification and work experience that if you are eligible for openings or not for ireland, france, dubai singapore, truth is there are no technical experts in this consultancy and this is basically registration charges which you are paying. Also you require no sort of technical evaluation to give interview and move abroad, it is required only in case of immigration. Than you will deposit the money and they will sign agreement with you, but when you will read the agreement it will not be mentioned in how much time limit they will get your interview conducted. Also their are many other loopholes in the agreement which you will come to know only after reading carefully, after getting frustrated you will try to call them but the concerned person will not pick up your phone or transfer it to some other department. I will also tell you that this organization keeps on changing its sales staff every 3 months, so probability is high with whom you were dealing initially might have left the organization and you can catch nobody. The higher management will shift the blame on its ex-employee and say to you that they have not informed you properly. Now you will be running after them for many days to get your refund but they will not give it to you easily.
If you get involved in dispute with them i will advise you to launch official police complaint against them

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