Online data entry jobs in us bought but not received

By: Noel O

Phoenix infotech (http:/Geniuswork.Webs.Com), offered online form filling or copy paste after paying certain registration amount. They mentioned you will given work allocation and access to their members area. Before registration, this was part of the proposal: XXX this form filling job is very easy. Daily we get millions of form filling orders from different companies. We give the list of all forms& details which you have to input in those forms. You can fill as many forms as you can. Normally it takes less than a 1 minute to fill each form. We also provide you with form filling software using which you can fill the forms in less than 1 second with just a click. The job is very simple, as soon as you get registered with us, within24hrs you will get your job details along with full instructions on how to proceed on for the job and forms and their contents. You will get list of online forms, and details which you have to input in forms, + form filling software. Just open each form on internet browser, input the details as instructed by us & click the submit button. XXX after registration these are part of the instructions given: XXX 1) book mark your site in member area and next time only login ads posted site and renew your ads and push to up or edit daily for more respond. 2) once you complet a ads posting you will be getting responds from people, by email.. if you getting then send message to go to http:/Www.Geniuswork.Webs.Com/ Tell them to give {your username} as a manager name for starting work and registration 3) once work start by people we give you 2$ if you are bronze member,3$ if you are silver member ,4 $ if you gold and 5$ when you are platinium member(we track this you given username ,so don’t forget to mention your username as a manager willing filling from XXX for one, I wasn’t given access to members area. Second, the training material given are not related to the task. What’s funny is that they will ask you to promote http:/Www.Geniuswork.Webs.Com. The difference in the actual “work” is that we will be tasked to recruit people so that they will pay to register for the company. Looking at this, the nature of the business is pyramiding than actual form filling. The job you applied for was not true. They just want to collect money from registration.

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