AP Immigrations complaints – AP immigration(https://www.apimmigrations.com) is a fraud company

Posted By: Karan

This is to bring on your kind attention that there is a fraud company operating at address 722A Hemkunt Chamber Nehru Place, Building no. 89, New Delhi, Name of the Company is AP IMMIGRATIONS PVT LTD, The motive of the Company is to cheat the individuals by making them day dreamer and telling them high salary, good lifestyle by working in Canada or Australia.

Sir I have been cheated by them and they extracted a lot of money from me and at the end gave nothing, all there promises we’re fake and now they refused to refund my money, The company owns by All young 20-25 yrs old boys and girls who intends to basically make money fast by showing fake dreams to aspirants, Sir My name is Animesh Nagpaul and I work in Merchant navy, Firstly a girl named Ayesha called me and told me my profile is got selected through naukri.com and I can get good job with promised salary and citizenship of Canada and so many benefits and asked me to pay RS. 3000/- for technical Evaluation, I went on their words and paid them money (for which I took receipt from them), after that they said my points are good and I can go to Canada now pay Rs. 80000 asap, for which I said I can’t pay so much amount so fast but they said u have only 24 hrs and you pay the initial booking amount else your case will be cancelled, they suggested me to pay Rs.10000/- (Receipt attached) which I paid through online transfer, they were continulously forcing me to pay the remaining amount, for which I said I can pay only after meeting you personally for which they started hesitating and avoiding, because till now all the conversation was on phone and then I came to delhi to meet them, Mr. Rahul who claims to be the Senior In the Company met me and demanded money I asked them about the process and time then he said it will take time first you have to pay money, I gave them a checque of 62000/- and asked them how long have you been here they said it’s been 2 years, I asked about the directors of the company he said Mr. Ashish and Mr. Pankaj are the joint directors. I asked them if they have any company’s PAN card or any proof of director then they became hesitant and said they will mail me (which I never received) I asked them their Cliet details many times ( they promised but never sent it to me) When I left the place I inquired about this company from neighouring companies and they said company is new and they have no idea what they do because only some 20-22 yrs boys and girls come there and no one ever wear formal so it seems like an informal company. And there is no Board displayed on the company, only a small piece of paper printed and written “AP immigration Pvt LTD ” on that. And then I went to incharge of the building and inquired about the company for which he said he will inform me after investigating and later He informed me that the company has been there only for 5-6 months only and he says there have been many cases in that building itself when company promises something and runs away, bacause these guys only carry laptop and if they leave then you cant trace them, Sir I checked on the website They have registration number 302435 but at the same time while searching on net about this company I found out that there have been numbers of Complaint by people as they cheated many people and then I called Mr. Rahul and asked about this he said it’s nothing and all, then I told them please refund my money I don’t want to go through your process as there is no assurance that you will give me job after paying money as they have not given me anything in writing, no job offer letter and no employers details. Then he disconnected the call and so I stopped My checque as it was still not process to not to lose further money.

After when the checque was not paid then Rahul Called me started abusing me badly and their plan was just to take out money from me and then he threatened me to life if I make any complaint against them,

Please help me, They are like gundas and playing with people dream is their profession, they have taken total RS. 13000 from Me and apart from this they made me transact to some other site of WES of Rs.16000.

Sir I am a middle class man with a lot of liabilities and this much amount is a lot for me, Please save me and other people who are trapped and are being trapped by this fraud company.

All The incidents happened in the month of End of April to Mid May 2017.

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