Brigade Visas complaints – Brigade Visas making fool to innocent people – Brigade Visas Reviews

Posted By: Arun Kumar

Brigade Visa calls you, convenience you for Canada migration, pull money from you and than the game starts..Now u r in the process of signing an agreement.and later starts the documentation with stringent dead lines..They will not tell what documents r required before, only upon registration they provide you the list and that you cannot meet until the deadlines because you have to get it from university ans govt they win over the written agreement you have signed upon and loos your complete money .They do this crime very legally to deceive our national law. And if you read the agreement , it’s only one sided. But as we trust to there spoken words and just thinks it’s part of procedure we sign the agreement. But they give u notice based upon this when you get failed to provide document and close your file. I have registered for against them hoping that they get punished by our laws.

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