Colive complaints – colive fraud company – took my money and didn’t give me the room

Posted By: Nithya

Colive complaintscolive fraud company – took my money and didn’t give me the room

Colive has taken my money and on the day i was supposed to move in. They tell me that the room is not available as the tenant didn’t leave so they can’t do anything. Then they tell me they can give me another room in another place far away from my preferred location. Then finally when i refuse the alternative, they tell me that they will not refund my advance back. Colive is just in bangalore to make money. The management is absolutely poor and they are so good at cheating people.
I have been struggling from a week to get my money back so that i can pay somewhere else but even that they haven’t done. None of the people who once called me a 100 times for money, pick my call now. When they wanted me to book the room and pay the advance they called every 5 mins. Now none of them want to get involved and keep telling me to talk to this person, that person. I still haven’t received my money yet.

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