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AMRI Hospital dhakuria Calcutta is the worst hospital for cancer treatment.

AMRI Hospital dhakuria Calcutta is the worst hospital for cancer treatment and the doctors are simply the blood suckers only want money nothing else. Don’t admit any cancer patients under Doctor Suvhankar Dev. Go out of Calcutta, go south side. We admitted our breast cancer patient of stage 2 or 3 ,death rate of it is 4% after surgery, but because of the wrong treatment and doctors negligence she expired.

She visited the hospital for first time and doctor done biopsy and declared she is carrying malignant of stage 2 or 3 only the one of her breast and some glands of under arms is affected . Doctor told us surgery will do the thing in this case. We did the surgery(called mastectomy ie, removing the whole breast and some glands of under arms). After that 5 or 6 round of chemo-therapy is done . During this she was suffering from vomiting and hair loss which is normal . some days later she was suffering from fever and vomiting. she called up the doctor told him every thing ,doctor replied ” that is normal you just make a visit with any local doctor and take some normal medicine of fever” that’s it.

But those medicines did not help her to get fit . She went to the Amri hospital and visit to the doctor and told everything then doctor told her to do a blood test and after the test is done he declared that she is fine nothing to worry about it. So we took her to home. But after tow days her condition was so bad that we admitted her to amri forcefully then doctor done another round of needle biopsy and said from breast now the cancer is been affected liver and it is reaching to lungs . And nothing to do with this patient she is going to live hardly for 1 year and started giving chemo therapy.

But she was not in the condition to take the therapy . Doctor said ” no we can not do anything with this patient take her to home”. Then we took to Bangalore hcg cancer hospital bt it was too late , suddenly she was not recognizing us at all . Her brain was affected by that time.and she died in Bangalore hospital.then doctors of Bangalore hospital view her reports and analyze what medicines had giver to the those days and told us that what ever the medicine is given that was only a pain killer (pan40) which gone terrible wrong during the treatment. I really wander does suvhankar dev know how to treatment ??This is exactly about kolkata’s doctors. They are the bloody hope less. May god set hell for all the amri doctors specially for suvhankar dev the disaster , the shame of amri.

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