Kunal Vaastu Kendra complaints – Kunal Kumar Astro Delhi – CHEAT by Kunalvaastukendra by false claims Adbhut jeevan Sangrah kundli tv advt.

By: anadi

Kunal Vaastu Kendra is CHEAT and Fraud. Kunal Kumar in his program on MH1 shraddha chennal makes so many False claims about his product Adbhut Jeevan Sangrah such that even Smart and Educated person can come under his Influence and will get Brainwashed. But in reality His all claims are fake and cheat to lure innocent peoples. His product Adbhut Jeevan Sangrah Kundli is Completely Garbage. It do not contain anything which he claims in Television Advertisement. after giving Value Payable Post charges and Product money when I opened His Product I got Shocked and found myself Got Cheated. Its simple computer Generated Printout of kundli software which Do not cost more than 50 rupees. and for this he charged 3350 rupees from me … biggest tragedy is that it do not contain anything which kunal kumar claimed on tv advertisement.

I want to tell every One that be careful of such Frauds who Cheat Using TV advt

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