Dont go to Karma Ayurveda – Karma Ayurveda making fool to their Patients – Dr. Puneet Dhawan Karma Ayurveda Complaints

Posted By: Sumit

Karma Ayurveda making fool to their Patients.

Visiting Karma Ayurveda has been the biggest mistake that we made and this is why we want to create awareness among all others about how bad the experience has been of visiting this clinic. Karma ayurveda works only on acute conditions which can be cured by controlling the BP Sugar level. They are only interested in selling their cheap medicines in bulk for the purpose of profit. I ask you all not visit them for any illness. And if you want to try their medicine then dont buy medicine in bulk but just go for one month medicine. And i bet they wont provide medicine for short duration. People sitting there for treatment are their own people. Check their neck and hand for your confirmation.


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