Elitify Reviews – Fake and Overpriced Items – Elitify Fraud

Posted By: Karthik


Buyers beware! It’s a scam. They advertise the wrong items. Assured me it was a dress, and showing as shipping a skirt. Pictures showing a dress and customer service confirmed it was a dress before I paid and after I paid I was told it is in fact a skirt.

I told them that’s not what I ordered and I don’t need a skirt and I just found out they can`t cancel the order. Customer service is the worst. Their supervisor, Amit, couldn’t get me off the phone soon enough. He needed proof and asked to send him pictures.

What I have also found out is that they are selling the products at 2-3* times the value it retails in US/EU. Do a Google search of any product on their website and you can find out that they are selling them at twice or thrice of what it sells for in US/EU.

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