Fiinovation fraud company – Cheated Rs.1,22,832.00 Fiinovation Company

Posted By: Niraj

Fiinovation CSR Consulting company complaints. Fiinovation fraud CSR Consulting company – Cheated Rs.1,22,832.00 Fiinovation Company.

I would like to inform you that the company Innovative financial advisor Fiinovation is a fraud company.  They told us we raise for your NGO and they signed a MoU pn 02nd February 2015 with 122832₹ with agreement on 100₹ stamp paper and take a time of 240 days to raise the fund when i was sure that they can not raise the fund i ask for the refund of the MoU amount from the last few months but they are not refunding my money there are many people’s cheated by them are in my touch,

Kindly take action against this fraud company Fiinovation and give us justice.

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  1. Thanks Niraj ji for expose Fiinovation. I am also victim of Fraud Fiinovation. Now I’ve moved to court

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