Fraud, Misguidance and Harrasment

By: Jr. admin

My complaint is against WWICS head office Mohali. In the month of April 2014, my sister applied for admission for SIAST in Canada. The employee of WWICS Mr, Puneet advised us to apply for Post Graduate diploma in Business Management. The course was for 8 months and he informed us that she will get one year work permit after completion of the studies. My sister paid 12,000 Rs. as their services charges and Rs. 9000 application fee for SIAST. But soon we came to know from our own sources that she will get only eight month work permit.. We immediately asked him to stop the admission procedure for SIAST and ask for the refund to SIAST……Anyhow we asked them to apply for Douglas college in Canada as there is a one year course in which she can get one year work permit after the completion of studies. Their employee Ms. Navjot informed us that WWICS has a tie up with Douglas college and they recieved Rs. 6500 from my sister as the application fee for Douglas College. When we asked her in how many days she will get the offer letter. She asked us to wait for 3 months more as she had applied and Douglas college take some time to issue offer letter. She also put pressure on us to apply for some other colleges also and to pay the application fee for that colleges also. She asked us to wait as the offer letter will come in the month of November. These all thing created doubt in our mind and we sent an email to Doulgas College. We were shocked when Douglas College informed us that it has no tie up with WWICS and the college has not received any application fee from WWICS The college also made clear to us that it will not work with WWICS in future also. We immediately asked them to withdraw our case and refund all the money which they have received. It is almost two months passed but even after so many visits at their office, they didn’t refund our money and few days back they asked us to take Rs. 5000 only and pressurized my sister to sign a consent letter in which it is mentioned that we will not take legal action against them. When she refused to sign the letter, they refused to pay anything.
It is a clear case of fraud, misguidance and harrasment. My sister missed her September session because of their misguidance and poor services. Please do something in this matter. Our time has already been wasted but we do not want to waste our money.

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