Immigration fees scam

By : Sorabh Sikand

Immigration fees scam

In April 2006 I have hired WWICS Ltd service to file for Canada Immigration. For their services they have taken 60,000 rupees in 2006 from me and until today they were keep telling me to keep patience and i will get positive response from Canada Immigration authorities one day.
Recently i have received letter from Canada Immigration authorities mentioning that all application filled before 2008 as getting cancelled as per there new amended law.
I have trying to connect with WWICS Chandigarh head office but no one is responding to me on my refund request. I am sure there will thousands of other sufferers who have been cheated by WWICS. Now when our application has been dropped by Canadian Immigration service, WWICS is avoiding repaying our money back.
We should get our money with interest as WWICS is holding it since 2006 which is fairly a long time. Moreover when our application is no more getting consider by Canadian Immigration authorities the WWICS has no legal right to keep our money as there counselling service for immigration file.

WWICS is keep telling me lie since 2006 that application processing is talking time but in reality application filed in 2006 were never put into consideration by Canadian authorities. When any company take fees for consultancy it is expected from them that they have specific field knowledge and will provide fair consultancy to their client. WWICS has charged me 60,000 rupees at that time and I really did not get any benefit out of it, as my application was never even put for consideration by Canadian authorities.
I have waited for 7 years for my application to process which is really a painful long time and in these 7 years WWICS regularly keep lying and saying they are in touch of Canadian authorities and we will get response on our application soon.

I donot want any compensation. What i want my 60,000 rupees should be returned to me with interest and some strict action should be taken against WWICS Ltd

For reference only- at time of filing immigration request, I was in Delhi, India in April 2006 but my current residence county in United Kingdom. I am in UK from my company assignment.

Sorabh Sikand
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