Kapil Chit Funds complaints – delay in issue of chit amount – Kapil Chit funds complaints

Posted By: Santhosh

Chit Amount has not been received yet from Kapil Chit Funds http://www.kapilchits.com

I was a member of 20 lakh group chit in Kapil Chit funds. I got the chit on November 2019. But I have not received the chit amount yet. I got only 5 Lac 24 thousand amount by cheque on 20th February 2020 . Remaining amount has not been received yet. All the formalities and documentation  has been done by me.

Directors of the company

DIN Director Name Designation Appointment Date
01871288 RAMCHANDRA REDDY KOPPURAPU Wholetime Director 19 November 2008  
01871266 DARRU VISHNU VARDHNRAO Managing Director 19 November 2008  
03073610 SRINIVAS REDDY KAYEETHI Wholetime Director 31 May 2010  
03625688 SAMPATH RAO BOMPELLY Director 31 January 2012  
08100108 NARAYANA REDDY DACHANI Wholetime Director 15 March 2019  

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