Karma Ayurveda Reviews – Karma Ayurveda is fake and non-trustable – Karma Ayurveda Complaints

Posted By: Deepak

Karma Ayurveda is fake and non-trustable.

Karma Ayurveda is a fake hospital which is only interested in exploiting the patients rather than providing cure to their illness. They have so many failure cases.
Even the employees who are working there are getting very low salary. They will allow you to join and then after three days, they will ask for low salary as per the discussion.

At the time of joining they promised me 30k salary but after 3 days they said that they would be paying only 18k. And this is not just the case with me but it has happened with many other employees as well.
Don’t work there and don’t be their prey. They have close their user reviews on all platforms, so that no one can put complaint about them.


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