Meteors Immigration complaints – Meteors immigration fraud company

Posted By: Abhilash

Ujjwal Rani and Khushboo Siwan are the directors of the company and they are cheating their clients.

I am abhilash and they contacted me by offering nursing job in Singapore.For that they forced me to pay 25000Rs and I lost it.Later they are saying its because of my failure in interview.What they ask in interview is “tell me about yourself” “what is your carrier goals” like questions..and not even a singe question related to profession is asking.Later I found out that they are recruiting nurses to Germany and Singapore as nursing aid job not as registered nurse but offers registered nurses salary…soon when candidate reach that country they will get trapped in there and will loose carrier growth.
Don’t trust these frauds if u dare then get ready to get cheated.. they are Top in CHEATING people offering job.

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